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Please Read: We are thrilled to announce the Kuhio highway has reopened to the public on June 17th. Please note that the county will have evening road closures Monday August 5, 2019 to Thursday August 8, 2019 and Monday August 12, 2019 to Thursday August 15, 2019. During the evening closures, the road between Haena and Hanalei will be closed at 7:30pm and will reopen the following morning at 5:00am. There is a park and ride shuttle service provided by Hawaiian Dredging that will bring guests up to Hanalei Colony Resort (next door to HMC) and back down to your car if you need to have the ability to drive past Hanalei during the evening closures. We advise all guests to get up-to-date information at the HDOT website or by calling their hotline at (800) 722-9012.